Technology-Driven Cash Logistic Solutions

Empyreal’s goal is to help you improve your cash operations. We believe there is market demand for a new-kind of cash logistics solution that integrates best-in-class service with proven technology.  Call today!

Cash Management with Empyreal


Empyreal’s barcode technology improves accuracy and eliminates hours of data entry.  Our customized reporting can help you with tracking, invoice management, and maximizing your cash position. You can track everything from initial pick-up through final processing at our secure vaulting facility–all with your mobile device or computer.

Customizable Dashboard

With our user-friendly dashboard, you can see your complete Empyreal service suite on your mobile device or computer.  Review proof of delivery, track deposits, and manage your cash needs all in a simple to use platform.  Our permission-based viewing allows you to manage your profile and give employee’s access based on your preferences.  Call to get started with your customized solution today!

Cash On Demand

Quick and secure change order fulfillment plus ATM reloading services available!  Keep your employees safe while increasing your security, let Empyreal handle your cash and coin needs for you.  We’re here to help!

POS Integration

Seamless integration with your accounting system, providing you accurate daily reporting of cash to help you manage your operations.  Our easy-to-access reporting module helps you to maximize you cash position while saving you time!

Smart Safes

Smart safes will allow you to make daily bank deposits into armored, tamper-proof safes located on-site at your businesses.  Empyreal monitors these machines remotely 24/7 and alerts us when it is time to pick-up.  This helps you to save on transport costs while still giving you the security and safety you need.  Call to learn more!


Empyreal’s secured centers are staffed 24/7 and are located in strategic areas to economize transportation routes for our customers.  Using top-of-the-line monitoring and surveillance equipment, you can rest easy your cash is secure with us.

Empyreal Logistics

Discover Empyreal’s Cash Logistic Solutions

Stop wasting time struggling with the hurdles, bottlenecks, and logistical issues of managing your cash. With help from Empyreal’s experienced team of experts, you can focus on your operations, and rest assured your cash is in our trusted and capable hands.  Reach out to learn more out today!
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